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Protection Spells

Amulet To Protect From Harm


  • Piece of Jewelry


To make a protection amulet, use a piece of jewelry that was given to you or owned by a loved one. Hold it in your palm and concentrate on it until it tingles in your hand. As the tiny vibrations grow bigger, see blue-white light emerging from the ether. At the center of the glow, visualize the Egyptian Eye of Horus. Chant:

“Danger at bay, love here to stay, so mote it be.”

Repeat this over and over until you know that your amulet will warn you with a tingle whenever you need to be alert.

FREE Elimination Spell


  • bloodroot
  • thistle
  • lemon verbena


To purify yourself from negative thoughts, bad habits, or dark experiences, use a potent mix of equal parts bloodroot, thistle, and lemon verbena.

  1. Start by grinding the herbs in your mortar and pestle and burning them in your censor.
  2. State aloud in the direction of the smoke each thing you want to eliminate.
  3. Watch each negative item drift away from you in the smoke.

Make sure you grind enough of the herbs to last through the rite if you intend to eliminate more than a few things. When you have voiced everything, waft the incense toward yourself and cleanse the last negative remnants away.

Room Protection Spell


  • None Needed


To start, close the door, and with your chosen tool draw a pentacle in the air at the doorway. As you do, visualize purple light flowing from the tool and forming the pentacle.

With your hands, draw a curtain of shimmering white light energy from top to bottom. Repeat this with any other doorway. If you want additional protection, do the windows. You can strengthen this spell by burning a protective incense.

FREE Spell of Protection


  • Flame (Candle)


Sit or stand before any fire. Look into the flames (or flame, if using a candle). Visualize the fire bathing you with glowing, protective light. The fire creates a flaming, shimmering sphere around you. If you wish, say the following or similar words:

"Craft the spell in the fire;
Craft it well; Weave it higher.
Weave it now of shining flame;
None shall come to hurt or maim.
None shall pass this fiery wall;
None shall pass No, none at all. So mote it be!"

Repeat this simple yet effective ritual every day when in need.

FREE Idle Gossip Spell


  • Handful of Soil
  • Green Candle
  • Brown Candle
  • Disposable Pie Tin


Place the dirt on the plate, spread it out, see this persons face in your minds eye. Study and concentrate on them wagging that nasty tongue.

Light the green candle and turn the candle where the green wax can drip on the soil. Visualize the envy and jealousy coming to a boil with each drop of the wax. Repeat this chant three times:

“Idle gossip in all their persistence,
Bind thy tongue; persevere in all resistance
One track mind; help {name} to grow
Change his/her ways; manners bestow
For the better may he/she see,
As I will so mote it be.”

Put out the green candle, and light the brown candle.

This is the grounding and the binding we need. Let the brown wax drip over every speck of the green candle wax. Then let it drip on each side. Visualize the wagging tongue seizing. Picture his/her smiling face with content from new growth, binding all negativity. Repeat the chant three more times:

Idle gossip in all their persistence,
Bind thy tongue; persevere in all resistance
One track mind; help {name} to grow
Change his/her ways; manners bestow
For the better may he/she see,
As I will so mote it be”.

Once the calming has washed over you, bury the soiled wax and throw away the plate.