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Bring Back My Love Spell


  • A length of red yarn
  • A small amount of dried rosemary
  • A small envelope
  • A small coin that you have found on the street or outdoors
  • You may need a compass

Write the name of your love on the inside of the envelope. Rub the coin with the rosemary and holding the coin and the rosemary in your clenched fist, repeat your love's name four times, each time facing a different direction. First north, then east, then south, and finally west. Seal the coin in the envelope, kiss the envelope and roll it up.

Tie the red yarn around the envelope. Put it away in one of your favorite places. Take the rosemary outdoors and cast it to the wind while thinking to yourself:"come back to me, come back to me, come back to me".

You have enabled your wish to travel on the wind to seek and retrieve your love.

Make Them Love Me Spell

This is a 3 day spell, and it is best to find a work area that you can leave untouched for three days. If you must put away your spell tools, try to at least keep your spell candle out in the open.

This spell can be used for the type of the person you want to attract. It is never recommended to direct a love spell towards a specific individual. (If you choose to do so, it's to be understood that although they may love you for a short time, it could end with negative results.) You may choose a fictitious name for the type of person you want to attract to make this spell easier.

Read over this spell and customize it prior to use, the work will go much smoother. Prepare your work area by setting up any tools you may use in addition to your spell candle. Love or protection incense is recommended (herbs or oils can also be used). While setting up your area, concentrate on the purpose of your work. Do not let negative thoughts enter your mind!


  • Protection Incense (herbs or oils work fine also)
  • Red 8" Taper Candle

Just prior to your work, bathe in purification herbs. While you are bathing, concentrate again on the purpose of your spell. Again, do not let negative thoughts enter your mind.

After bathing, go to your work area. Light some incense and cast your circle. Envision a large, pink ball of light surrounding you and your work area. Hold the candle between the palms of your hands and direct all of your energy into the candle. Place the candle in its candle holder.

Prior to lighting the candle, say (either aloud, or to yourself): "This candle represents the love between (your name) and (fictitious name of intended lover)."

Light the candle and say (either aloud or to yourself):

"As I light this candle, the love between my intended lover and me grows strong. Our love is such, that all feels the attraction. As this candle burns, it draws us ever near. Powerful is the persuasion! (Intended lovers name)'s days are long and filled with yearning for me.
(Intended lovers name)'s nights are long and filled with desire for me. To be as one, together, is all that (name) would wish. To be as one, forever is (name)'s immediate need. For no rest shall she/he find, until she/he is by my side!"

Sit and meditate and concentrate on your intended lover and the desire that person has for you. Concentrate on your desire for your lover. When the candle has burned 1/3 of the way, say "My lover will come to me" and blow out the candle. Repeat this for two more nights. Your desire will come to you.

All You Need Is Love Spell

This is a spell not only to draw love to you but also to increase the flow of love in the world.


  • Pink candle
  • Rose oil

Irresistible Attraction Spell

This spell is to get attention when you're out where you might meet a new love or if you wish to attract someone in particular.


  • Scented or shiny body powder for either a man or woman. (found at any cosmetic counter)
  • Lodestone or magnet.

In a small glass vial mix the crushed powder with the lodestone (or magnet) while visualizing that you are creating a powerful potion to draw positive attention and hold it there.

Before you go out in public again, place an almost invisible layer of the powder on all visible parts of your body, including your hair if you like. This will create a reflective surface similar to the watch used by hypnotists to hold subjects' attention.

Put the lodestone somewhere in your clothing and go out knowing all eyes will be drawn to you tonight.