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Rose Love Spell

According to Roman mythology, Venus fashioned the rose; therefore, the flower cannot be matched in beauty, delicacy, and fragrance. The red rose today represents love and passion, while the pink rose represents happiness in love.

If you are searching for happy love, make a tea from pink rose petals and sip on it before you see your lover. When you see him or her, offer a kiss and you will both be happy in love together. Or, to generate more passion in a relationship, gather two red roses and carefully pluck the petals. Drop the petals into a warm bath, and light two red candles. Relax in the bath, and envision becoming irresistible to your lover.

After draining the bath, gather the largest petals, dry them, and slip a few under your lover’s doormat.

Spell For Joining of The Souls

This spell is definitely not ethical, but it is very effective. Remember that magic is a two way street and that you will be equally bound. Beware casting this spell unless you are SURE you want to be bound to this person!


  • Dried white roses
  • Almond oil

Sprinkle dried white roses with almond oil and burn them inside a magic circle as you recite the spell. If you have trouble getting the roses to burn add slips of paper with your names written on them.

Incantation to chant

”By all that lives on land and sea
By the incoming and the outgoing
By the odd numbers and the even
By the power of three times three
Thy waking thoughts shall be of me
From now throughout eternity
No peace or increase shall you find
Until your hand is joined in mine
I bind thee heart and soul and mind to me
I bind thee eyes and thoughts and loins
I bind thee to me forever
With cords of velvet longing
By the white rose and the rosemary
By the caverns and the groves
By the silence of the mountains
By the chasms and the standing stones
I bind thee forever to me
With cords of silken danger
Isis, Astarte, Ishtar
Aphrodite, Venus
I bind thee to me forever
So Mote It Be”
It is done

Repeat this spell as often as necessary. Practice makes perfect.

Strong Spell for Love and Passion


  • Fire
  • Rosehips
  • Red paper heart
  • Dried Rose Petals
  • Charred Stick

Write the name of the person you want on the red paper heart. Build a fire, when the flames are high throw the rosehips in and watch them burn. Concentrate and picture the person in the fire. say:

" God and Goddess, I appeal to you from fire's breath and love anew. Roses offered through the flames diving. Taking (name) heart and make it mine!"

Hold the red paper heart and throw it into the fire and watch it burn to ashes to close the spell: " God and Goddess, your help I seek to turn aside emotions weak and help true love bind me to this I seal my spell with passions kiss.”

Create or find a charred stick. You will also need a few dried rose petals & a piece of paper.

Using the charred part of the stick as you would a pencil, draw two inter-linked hearts on paper as you visualize yourself enjoying a satisfying relationship. Draw with power.

Hold the rose petals in your projective hand & send fiery, loving energies into them.

Sprinkle the petals over the linked hearts. Do this with power.

Wrap the package around the petals. Still visualizing, throw the package into a fire. (Or, light it in the flame of a red candle & throw into a heat proof container.) As it burns, the power is released.

To Attract The Love Of A Certain Person


  • Any particle from the body of your love (hair, nails, blood, etc)
  • Any particle from your body
  • A red ribbon


Take a particle of the body of your love, add corresponding particles of your own body, and wrap them together in a red ribbon on which you will have written your two names with the blood of you or your love. Tie the ribbon to join the names. Carry this package for three days under your armpit and then burn it.

Spell To Have Someone Call You


  • Glass of water
  • Salt

Put a glass of water in the middle of your altar. Pour two or three teaspoons of salt into your dominant hand, and use it to make 3 equal armed crosses over the glass allowing some salt to fall into the water while doing this chant:

Hear me, call me get in touch, We need to talk please hurry rush!

Expect to hear from the person by the time the water evaporates.