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FREE Home Spells...

Find A New House Spell

Need to find new housing in a hurry? Or maybe things have stalled on the house you want to buy. This quick spell should get things moving.


  • Paper
  • Brown Candle
  • Instructions

Start by drawing a picture of your desired home on a piece of paper. If you have an ad for the exact place you want, clip it out and paste it to the drawing. Light a brown candle, repeating 9 times:

“Housing, housing, Come to me. So mote it be”

Roll the paper up, place it in a small glass bottle, and seal it. Put the bottle somewhere in the room you consider the heart of your current home.

Once the new home is secured, remove the drawing and burn it in the candle flame. If possible, bury what remains of both candle and ashes.

Home Protection Spell


  • Chalk
  • Felt


Using chalk, draw your house, in outline, on some felt. Add a few protective symbols such as rune symbols or a cross then use some floss to embroider your chalk design.

When stitching, concentrate on the protective energies that will surround your home. Your stitches can be as simple or complex as you want. Use whatever colors you feel drawn to, but mark the front door in red.

Make sure you stitch your home's entire outline, making it more permanent on the felt than a chalk drawing would be. Chant these words:

"This doorstep with its welcome ways is guarded
by a shield of rays
to guard this home by day and night,
protect it with this door of white.
Let nothing enter not of good,
and those within do as they would.
The aura left by herb and spell,
will safely seal this entrance well. So mote it be."

When finished, either hang your artwork out on display or tuck it away somewhere safe.

Peaceful Home Spell


  • White Candle
  • Blue Candle
  • Yemaya oil or lavender or violet oil or your favorite cologne
  • Cornbread
  • Honey
  • Milk
  • Pearl


This is a powerful old voodoo spell that keeps peace in your home..

Yemaya , the Santeria orisha of the sea who is the patron of women and family, can help calm the troubled waters of one's domicile.

To tap into Yemaya's energy, buy one blue and one white (Yemaya's colors) candle. Anoint the candles and yourself with Yemaya oil, or lavender or violet oil, or with your favorite cologne.

Offer Yemaya a gift of cornbread with honey and a cup of milk in which a pearl has been stirred.

Close your eyes, take three deep breaths, and visualize the problem and its solution:


  • Quarreling kids beginning at long last to play nicely together
  • Your husband coming home in a good mood

Then open your eyes, greet Yemaya by saying, "Hekua, Yemaya!" and tell her your troubles and the proposed solution. Thank her for listening, and leave the offering overnight.

Burn the candles at least an hour a day until they have burned down.

Hide the pearl in the room, where there is the most chaos, and watch peaceful calm benefits reign.

Remove Ghost Spell


  • White Virgin Candle


If you have creeping terrors at night, trying speaking this verse:

“This spell is written for the shadow,

which moves across the wall.

And for the unexplained light at the end of the hall.

it was written for the strange scent of jasmine

wafting in the winter air,

And for the gauzy mist, floating above the stairs."

After the dusk has turned to night, light a virgin candle and place it before a looking-glass. Gaze at it until you see a spirit from the past. When the flame begins to flicker and sway, gently whisper:

"Come, let me guide your way.”

Open your door, carry your candle into the night, and continue by saying:

“Come gentle spirit, God back,

Follow the light. in peace you came, in peace be gone.

For the good of all and harm to none.

So mote it be!”