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FREE Binding Spells

Binding Your Love Spell


  • Strands of hair or string
  • Favorite Scents


You can do this love binding spell using strands of hair or string (hair is more powerful, but difficult to work with). If you use hair, take a strand of your own and one from your partner, and braid them together. (Do not ask your partner for their hair, rather take a piece, if long enough, off a comb or brush. Body hair will work too. If this is too difficult just use string, dental floss, etc.

Chant both of your names as you work.

If you use string, anoint each piece with your personal scents first. (perfume, aftershave etc.)

Hold both strings together, and tie a knot at one end while focusing and saying:

“I bind this knot and bind our love.”

Then tie another knot saying:

“I bind this knot and bring (enter name) desire.”

Continue tying knots and stating the qualities you want to bind into your relationship. When you've tied all the knots you want, wrap the cord around the base of a candle and light it. Let the candle burn out completely.

Binding Someone Annoying


  • Piece of Paper
  • Black Ink
  • Rubber Band


Take a piece of paper 3"x3" write the persons name on it, using black ink. Visualize this person while doing so. Then draw a pentacle over their name. Then fold the paper 2x's and take a rubber band and tie the folded paper with it.

Raise to your temple and chant 3x's:

"To be protected from you, this magic harm I will do, with these words, I bind thee, for you to let me be, To be protected from your harm Now I seal this charm."

Place the paper under your shoe and slam your foot on the ground 9x's and on the 9th time say:

"So mote it be!"

Freezer Binding Spell


  • 1 piece of paper: large enough for you to print the full name of your enemy
  • A refrigerator: 1 ice-cube tray or small plastic bottle


The following spell is to freeze the negativity sent by an enemy. It is an ancient spell that is very potent. If you cast it you can rest assured you will certainly stop the antics of your enemy, Without Harming Them!

This spell can be cast at any time and during any phase of the moon.

Step 1: Print the name of your enemy on paper. If you don't know your enemy's name, just print: ”ALL MY ENEMIES”

Step 2: Place paper in ice-cube tray.

Step 3: Fill ice-cube tray with water. Place in the freezer compartment of refrigerator. As you place the tray in freezer repeat this verse: “Stay there and freeze for as long as I please”.

Step 4: Leave name in ice until danger is past. Do not allow ice to thaw.

Chill Out Binding Spell


  • Small jar with cap
  • Twine or string - preferably red
  • one fava bean to represent the Lord (or draw a phallus on paper)
  • rose petals to represent the Lady
  • frankincense and myrrh (powdered)
  • rosemary, and any other herb that "feels right" to you. (i.e. rue, wormwood, etc. for bindings or exorcisms)
  • olive oil or salad oil
  • banishing scented oil
  • a couple of colored markers or pens
  • paper
  • enough water to fill the jar three-fourths full.


Erect your circle of protection.

Take your bottle and place it on the altar. Take the piece of paper and draw a "gingerbread type" doll and write the name of the person or situation you are binding on it. Talk to the paper doll and tell it all of the things that it has done to disappoint and hurt you. Anoint it with the banishing oil, drawing a Pentagram on it with the oil. Now, place a fava bean, drawing of a phallus, or amber in the jar along with the rose petals and other herbs. As you place each item in the jar state, state with feeling:

” I bind you from harming me or anyone else with this (person's name here).”

Take the doll or dolls in hand and the string. Fold the doll/dolls into a square, and begin wrapping the doll in the string. With each wrapping, state:

“Once around, securely bound, now's the time for cooling down.”

When you are through, securely knot the string a minimum of 3 times. While you are chanting this, see the person securely tied with sturdy ropes, and gagged. You might even draw a gag around the figures.) Now place the doll in the jar and pour about a teaspoon of oil over the doll. As you are dribbling it over the doll, state:

“I place sacred oil all around you,
about you and below you,
to make your path slippery
while you violate the Rede
and Law of Three.”

Now fill the jar 3/4 's full of water, place it in the freezer of your refrigerator, and repeat:

“Time to chill out, chill out, chill out.
Bound around and about.
I place around you (person's name)
the crystal sphere of the Mother's Orb,
mirrored on the inside so that you
will have to see yourself as you are
at every moment until you surrender and
change your behavior towards yourself and
those around you into a more positive behavior pattern.

I ask the Lady to empower this spell and insure it's working, only if it is in the
highest and best good of all concerned.
As I will it, so mote it be!”

Close the freezer and leave that puppy there until you are satisfied that the person will not hurt anyone else. This person is contained from hurting you and anyone else, and is "chilling out". Do not worry about them any longer. Write out how you felt about this person/situation before now, including what they did to you, and how you feel right now. This will allow you to get the worst of the anger, disillusion, and disappointment out of your system so that you won't become ill from the feelings. Smudge your house afterwards, and draw a Pentagram on each window and door in your house, including your computer monitor (if you have one) and all mirrors, stating:

“I ward thee to keep harm at bay.
As I will it, so mote it be.”