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FREE Truth Spells

FREE Finding Truth Spell


  • Herbal tea of your choice that soothes stressful nerves
  • Eyebright herb
  • Chamomile herb
  • 1 tiger-eye gemstone
  • Water
  • Cotton balls or pads


Is Your lover, friend or family member being truthful?

If you feel you must have the truth, and your partner isn't exactly 'fessing up, then it is to "Spirit" that we turn to discover the truth of the situation.

Brew the herbal tea and drink.

Steep eye-bright and chamomile in hot water for fifteen minutes.

Pass the tiger- eye gemstone over the steam of the steeping herbs for five minutes, asking Spirit to draw forth the truth of the situation.

After the herbal mixture has cooled, sprinkle on cotton balls or pads. Lay the pads over your closed eyes and concentrate on the opening of your third eye (the chakra point in the center of your forehead).

Practice for seven days. Carry the tiger-eye gem in your pocket. Eventually, you will learn the truth.

If you wish to continue this exercise for general psychic abilities, practice for at least thirty days, every day. If you miss a day, you have to start all over again.

FREE Truth Revealed Spell


  • White Candle


All you need is a white candle and a place of quiet where you can relax and focus.

Face the north and repeat this chant 3 times:

”Moon and tide save help me now,
I seek the truth here not yet found,
For underneath the fog there lies,
New possibilities for I,
So let this night be unlike others,
And let the noble show their colors,
And let the meek and cowards run,
For now the moon seeks out her sun,
And by the power that is three,
So as I will it, so mote it be.”

Repeat this process as many times as needed until the truth is revealed to you.