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FREE Court Spell

If you have to make a dreaded court appearance, try chanting this rhyme a few times:

Coyote, trickster, magic man,
Remove the scales from Themis’ hand!
Cloak me in enchanted mist—
With my endeavor please assist.
Teach me tricks, confuse my foes,
And assist my mind to cure my woes.
Send to me your magic fast;
Let my plans come true at last,
My winning day in court should be
A chance to laugh most gleefully!”

FREE Court Case Spell

Altar Tools

  • Incense burner for Air
  • Chalice with Salt for Water
  • Cauldron for Water and Athame for Fire
  • A Black Altar Candle in the middle
  • Patchouli Incense

Spell Tools

  • Olive Oil
  • Candle holder
  • Picture with chant written on it. (pictures of your ex, spouse, someone or something pertaining to or involved in the case.
  • Brown Candle
  • Black Candle
  • Pink Candle

Use the patchouli incense throughout this spell unless you have access to herbs. If so, then use the following incense mixture:

  • Red Clover Blossoms trifloium pratense - financial arrangements, success and good luck.
  • Black Cohosh Root cimicifuga racemose - courage.
  • Coltsfoot Leaf tussilago farfara - peace and tranquility.
  • Dragon's Blood daemonorops draco - increase spells power.
  • Dulse Leaf Flowers rhodymenia plamatta - harmony.
  • Glangal Root (Lo John the Conqueror) alpinia galanga - hex-breaking.
  • Garlic Power allium sativum - protection.
  • Marigold calendula officinalis - legal matters & protection.
  • Mugwort artemisia vulgaris - protection & healing.
  • Pennyroyal mentha pulegium - business deals.
  • Sagebrush (White Sage) artemisia - transforming energy.
  • Sea Salt sodium chloride - protection & drive away enemies.
  • Black Salt sodium chloride - repel negativity & protection from enemies.
  • Slippery Elm Bark ulmus fulva - gentleness.
  • St. John's Wort (Amber) hypericum perforatum - overcome opposition, strength & protection.
  • Sweetgrass hierochloe odorata - invites in good energies & spirits.
  • Holy Thistle (Blessed Thistle) centaurea benedicta - hex-breaking.
  • Thymye Leaf thymus vulgaris - courage.
  • Tobacco (Winston Cigarettes) nicotiana - clarity.
  • Witch Grass agropyron repens - happiness & exorcism.
  • Wormwood artemisia absinthium - psychic powers, protection & calling spirits.
  • Yarrow Flowers achillea millefolium - courage, psychic powers & exorcism.


Step One

Whatever type of ritual you use to connect to the universe such as meditation.

Step Two

Circle Casting to each element that creates a protective barrier during your spellcasting raising black energy.

Step Three

This is where you will raise the energy to accomplish this spell.

Rub oil from the base of each candle towards the top while humming and visualizing your reason for doing this spell in the following order.

  1. Brown Candle for legal matters & justice.
  2. Black Candle for protection, hex-breaking, strength & exorcism.
  3. Pink Candle for gentleness, patience & calmness.

Suggested Chant for your use

“Great Goddess and the Powers from the Beginning . . .
I call upon the presence and assistance of the following herbs...

(read each herb's name and magickal properties you intend to use. Such as "I call upon Red Clover Blossoms for their properties of financial arrangements, success and good luck." until the list is complete)

to. . .Banish all injustice against me in the court room for my (enter name of court case) case on court date.

Banish all negative energy, spirits and people from the court room and me, your name, for my (enter name of court case) case on court date.

Banish all nervousness, rudeness and hysterics from the court room on my (enter name of court case) court case on court date.

Transform the negativity into positive protective energy that treats all participants with fairness, calmness and respect.

So Mote It Be!”

Continue humming and visualizing for about five minutes. See what you want to happen in your third eye or mind. Place each candle, Brown - Black - Pink into the holder and light it. Using your athame direct your spell's energy into the candles. Chant your chant for as long as you can while visualizing your purpose.

When you cannot chant and visualize any longer, put the candle out and repeat the spell the following night (or day). But never go beyond the 24 hour period.

After you see the first glimpse of the results of your spell that night or day, let the candles burn all the way out and burn the chant in the flames of the candles.

Step Four

Closing your circle and releasing the energy into the void.

Take the athame and point it up. Visualize the black light shooting up into space while saying:

"So Mote It Be."

Thank all the Great Goddess, the Powers from the Beginning and all the other energies for their presence.

FREE Victory Spell


  • Paper
  • New Red Candle


To win a difficult victory, write your name on a paper strip.

On a similar strip, write the name of a person with whom you will compete. (If this is for a court case, simply write the name of the person, company or state you are up against.)

Remembering the Rule of Three, or “Do as you will, harm none,”

Light the strip with your name in the flame of a new red candle, and use the strip of paper to light your competitor's strip.

Blow out the flame from the strip with your name on it before it burns.

Allow the strip with your competitor's name to burn to ashes, while saying:

The will of [your name]

Consumes the will of [competitor's name].

[Your name] is the name of victory,

[Competitor's name] is the name of defeat.

Carry the paper bearing your name with you during the competition.

You may cast this spell more then once prior to the competition or court case. Just be sure to save all paper strips with your name, for each time the spell was cast, with you to the competition or court case.